Hello, the purpose of this blog to create a dialog around what the scriptures teach concerning the glorious Son of God – the Firstborn.

The scriptures say that The Son of God is the foundation of our faith. Upon Him we build our eternal salvation. What if that foundation were destroyed? All that we build thereon would fall to the ground. If you were Satan, would you seek to destroy that foundation? Would you seek to supplant in the hearts and minds of those pressing to enter the kingdom of God another Jesus? (2 Corinthians 11:3-4).

Satan had begun this attack before even the apostles were gone from the earth.Paul alludes to this in the reference above.How did this happen?How was it that Paul would need to warn the Corinthians of following after this other foundation in these early times?

This blog seeks to rekindle the true knowledge of the true foundation.You’ll find that in addition to the scriptures, I like to speak of a group called Anabaptists.These persecuted people lived in the 16th Century.For a brief time, many of them rekindled this same light. And for it many died.Jan De Swarte and his four sons met their death in 1563.On their way to the stake this brief exchange occurred.Through it, these martyrs are dead yet continue to speak:

As they were going to their death, the clock struck. Jan asked what time it was. He was told that it was four o’clock. He consoled himself with this, saying: “At five o’clock we hope to be in our lodging or resting place.” His son Klaes, said: “We have to die for the reason that we believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of the eternal God, is from heaven and not of the earth.”

Martyrs Mirror [1]

([1] van Braght, T.J. pp. 667-668. The Bloody Theater or Martyrs Mirror of the Defenseless Christians, 5th edition, 1950. Scottdale, Pennsylvania, Waterloo, Ontario: Herald Press.(Original work published 1660, translated by Sohm, J.F. 1886)

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